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To develop an awareness of the impact that our business has on the environment and to continue to strive to conduct our business using practices that support conservation and environmental stewardship.

Key focus areas and a plan for:


    •  Energy Conservation


    •  Water Conservation


    •  Recycling and Solid/Hazardous Waste Minimization.


    •  Support for our partners in the industry who strive to use sustainable business practices.

    •  Involvement in and support for Community programs that educate and develop practices regarding community responsibility for the environment.


    •  Development of attainable numerical and social goals in order to access achievement toward sustainability practices.


Currently in place:


    •  Cardboard recycling program – recycle cardboard to help eliminate waste going to landfill.


    •  Glass bottle recycling – recycle used “coke” bottles to help eliminate waste going to landfill.


    •  Re-use of foam wrapping materials.


    •  Increased effort to buy domestic products – decrease in fuel usage for oversees transportation.


Ideas to develop:


    •  Eliminate plastic drinking cups and use glass mugs.


    •  Use eco-friendly cleaning products.


    •  Develop and train associates in program to educate them and their customers on selecting and purchasing eco-friendly products.


    •  Use us eco-friendly products in construction, eg. paints, glues, woods, etc,




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